The Field of Neonatal Nursing

There are a variety of different nursing fields to work in and most of them require training to be able to fit in with the job. You need training and experience with any kind of work but especially with neonatal nursing. This is where you will be taking care of the youngest patients in the medical system.

Making a Difference

One thing is for sure and that is you will be making a difference in the lives of various different infants and the families who love them. In fact, it is likely that you will continue to hear from the children and their families for many years to come after you care for them.

You are basically the voice of the smallest beings in the hospitals. They are either born prematurely or they are born with serious health problems and it is up to people like you to bring them to full lives. You are their livelihood if this is the job you choose to take on.

The Work

You will most likely be working in a hospital setting in a nursery of some level or another. There are nurseries with the basic level of care and those with care for patients that have higher needs such as if they are sick or have had to have surgery.

You will be working with multiple infants at a time, most likely four at the least but it really depends on how sick those patients are. Since you will be in critical care that is provided at all times, you can expect to be working twelve hour shifts as well.

Work Outside of a Hospital

It may be the case that you are going to work in a setting other than a hospital. There are situations where you can be required to work in community settings for home care. This would be primarily for follow-up care that is needed for the higher risk infants.

It may be the case that you choose a job that is travel nursing related. In that case, you could be assigned to situations outside of the hospital or inside the hospital and the work may not be the same at all time. Regardless, you can count on the work being just as rewarding as if you were in a hospital.

Salaries and Jobs

The salaries for being a neonatal nurse strongly vary based on the region you are in and the type of work you are doing. The more advanced your practice is, the more you are likely to get paid. If you work nights or weekends or do travel nursing work, you will get higher compensation.

There are different types of jobs and levels of care you can work in when it comes to neonatal nursing and this will also determine what type of salary you get. You can always work full time at one place in addition to doing part time work at another or with travel nursing.

Most of the jobs in neonatal nursing involve overtime, for which you will be compensated as well.